What skills do our leaders have
that make them so great?

Leadership is the key to what we do. We're always looking for talented leaders to join our team and grow with us because leadership fuels our growth, keeps our culture strong, and our crew engaged.

We are each personally accountable for our behavior. They do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Mistakes happen to everyone. Nobody likes being managed through negativity. Our leaders are positive.

We have busy restaurants. They are on top of their responsibilities.

Motivation and drive
Our leaders rally the troops towards a common goal. They are passionate about our food and service. Our leaders set the standard in their restaurant.

People skills
They understand in order to be effective we have to work through others to accomplish our goals. They are patient and empathetic.

Nobody is perfect. We are all capable of improving and developing our skills.

Problem solvers
They show initiative to fix issues. They go above the status quo.

Brand ambassadors
People will come to work for Foosackly’s but they will stay or leave because of their boss. Our leaders represent our brand positively. They believe in our values and work hard to cultivate our culture.
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