what skills do our crewmembers have
that make them so great?
They are positive.
Mistakes happen to everyone. Nobody likes being managed through negativity. Our leaders are positive.
They are coachable.
They make mistakes, but are willing to listen how they can improve.
They have integrity.
They are each personally accountable for their behavior.
They do the right thing even when no one is looking.
They take pride in their work.
They like being busy and taking care of hundreds of customers in a
couple of hours. They take pride in the quality of food we serve and
the cleanliness of our restaurant.
They are motivated and driven.
They don‘t need to be told what to do everyday. They are trained
correctly and then expected to show initiative.
They have people skills.
They play well with others. They take care of our customers.
They work with a sense of urgency.
We have busy restaurants. They work hard and they work fast.
They aren‘t lazy
It‘s not fun to work with unmotivated people.
They are responsible.
They have multiple things to handle in their life, but they take their job seriously and
are responsible for it.
We think you‘d like working here. Why?
All of our General Managers have moved through the ranks and have helped grow our business and open more stores. They‘ve chosen us as their career for different reasons.
  • They appreciate the support they are given in running their store.
  • They like that we try hard to find good people and try even harder to take care of them as much as we can. We have a great group of people who work here. It makes it easier to manage.
  • They like our high standards of quality food and service, and our mission to improve every day.
  • They like the fact that they see the results of their hard work and dedication.
  • They get paid for a job well done, and are rewarded for their impact.
  • They‘ve witnessed the growth of our stores and our brand, and are excited about how they‘ve had a hand in it and how it‘s affected their growth..
  • They like how important our culture and our values are in running our business.
  • They like that we are local and are active in our community.
  • They like that we close on holidays so they can spend time with their family and friends.
If our leaders are burnt out because they work too many hours, they become less effective. We DO work hard, but it doesn‘t consume us or prevent us from enjoying life away from work. Whatever your interest for working here, we are excited to talk to you about it.