What Skills Make Our Leaders Great?

Our leaders do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
Our leaders stay positive, despite the circumstances. Mistakes happen. Nobody likes being managed through negativity.
Our restaurants are busy. Our leaders stay organized and on top of their responsibilities.
Our leaders rally our crew towards a common goal. They are passionate and set the standard in their restaurant.
Our leaders understand that, in order to be effective, we have to work through others to accomplish their goals. They are patient and empathetic.
Our leaders are always capable of improving and developing their skills through the guidance of others.
Our leaders show initiative to address and fix issues. They go above the status quo to get the job done.
Our leaders positively reflect the foosackly's brand. They believe in our values and work hard to cultivate our culture.

Benefits of
foo Leadership

  • Strong Base Pay
  • Quarterly Bonus Program
  • Vacation Pay
  • All Major Holidays Off
  • Medical / Dental
  • 401K